The Application Field of Roll Forming Machine

Now, we can see the products of roll forming machine everywhere. For example, the roofing sheets, the garage door, warehouse and so on.  There are so many application fields of roll forming machine. I will show you detailed in the followings.
At present, the roll forming machines are mainly used in the following three areas.

First, the main components of light steel industrial buildings

It is mostly single-story, individual 2-3 layers, such as roofing panels, wall panels, floor panels, beams, columns, purlins (roofing, walls) , The general amount of steel used for 40 kg / square meters, year-by-year completion of an area of 5 million square meters, the need to use 200,000 tons of steel, of which 150,000 tons of cold-formed steel;

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Second, low-rise steel structure housing

Which is a huge amount of construction. If it is calculated as 1% of the 1.5 billion square meters of residential area completed in the year as a whole, 600,000 tons of steel will be required, of which the amount of cold-formed steel to be sold may reach 150,000 tons ;

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Third, the construction field and municipal construction

such as road isolation railing, advertising support, three-dimensional garage, supermarket, farmers market and various temporary buildings.

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About these roll forming machines, we can provide you more information, such as parameters of each part and videos, we all can show you. Please feel free to contact with us to get these information.

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