The advantages of floor decking

The floor decking is widely used in building construction and the construction of infrastructure. It is economical and affordable. So what is the floor decking? The floor decking(steel decking, building profiled steel plate) is formed by rolling cold-formed galvanized steel sheet. Its cross section is V-shaped, U-shaped, trapezoidal or the others. It is mainly used as a permanent template, can also be selected for other purposes.

750 floor deck 300x224 - The advantages of floor decking

floor deck 300x98 - The advantages of floor decking

The advantages of floor decking

1: Adapt to the requirements of rapid construction of the main steel structure, it can provide a firm working platform in a short time. And can use multiple floors to lay the profiled steel plate and layer the concrete flow.

2: In the use stage, the floor slab is used as the tensile reinforcement of the concrete slab, which also increases the rigidity of the slab and saves the amount of steel and concrete.

3: The embossing on the surface of the profiled board creates a large bonding force between the floor slab and the concrete. So that the two form a whole, with stiffeners, so that the floor slab system has high strength bearing capacity.

4: Under cantilever conditions, the floor slab is only used as a permanent template. The length of the cantilever can be determined according to the section characteristics of the floor panel. In order to prevent the cracking of the cantilever plate, it is necessary to match the design of the structural engineer with the negative reinforcement at the support.

Here is a video of the flloor deck roll forming machine

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