915 deck roll forming machine

915 deck roll forming machine

915 deck roll forming machine is designed to make the valid width of 915 floor decking sheet in batch and fully automatic. The following drawing profile is from customer, and we could make machine according to customer any type drawing profile. Here is the 915 decking sheet drawing profile for your reference:

915 decking sheet - 915 deck roll forming machine

Coil material:color sheet, galvanized sheet
Coil material thickness: 0.8mm- 1.5mm
Machine working process: Decoiling–feeding—forming—cutting—production

For the floor deck roll forming machine design, there are two points needed to be mentioned. First the material thickness normally will be a little thicker than roofing sheet. Second, the wave height is quite big. For this one, the height is 76, so the rollers need to be very big. In this aspect, the machine roller cost will be more higher than the normal roofing sheet machine.

In the following part, it is the machine pictures. The machine picture is from the machine we have made before.

DSC04923 1024x768 - 915 deck roll forming machine

For the floor decking sheet, if you want to know more information, please contact us at any time.

namecard thumb - 915 deck roll forming machine

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