commercial roofing materials roll forming machine

commercial roofing materials roll forming machine

A, Main technical parameter

Specification of roll 1000mm
Roll speed 8-12m/min
Roll steps 14
Main motor power 4KW
Dimension of product 7800mm*1400mm*1000mm
Material of rolling round Steel 45#
Material and Diameter of bearing Steel 45#,70mm
Weight of product 5.5T
Material thickness 0.4-0.8mm
Model of bearing 210
Mode of cutting Hydraulic cutting
Material of scissors Cr12
Hydraulic station power 3Kw
Computer cabinet size 700mm*1000mm*300m
PLC, Dynamic currency device Japan Panasonic

a654b98fc5 - commercial roofing materials roll forming machine

B, Main Parts

This machine is composed of manual  decoiler, transmission device, main roll forming machine, stamping device, PLC control system, hydraulic shear

Un-coiler deck 1 set
Guiding&leveling device 1 set
roll forming machine 1 set
Punching device 1 set
Cut to length device 1 set
Run out table 1 set

Color Steel Wave Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Color Steel Wave Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Brief introduction:

The roll forming machines can produce various of steel roof and wall panel. Meanwhile it is a new building materials, the products are widely used as the roof and wall of factory, warehouse, garage, gymnasium, exhibition center, cinema, theatre, etc. It has many advantages, such as easy installation, short building period, beauty, light weight but high strength.
The chart of Process Flow and components
Manual uncoiler- Roll forming machine- Computer control system- Hydraulic control system- Form cutter

Advantages of the roofing sheet roll forming machine

1. High efficiency
2. Lower cost
3. Long life time: 30years
4. Low energy consumption
5. PLC control, Panasonic or Siemens or eura
6. Easy operation
7. Beautiful and best quality

IMG 4158 thumb - Color Steel Wave Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Parameters of the Machine:

1. Suitable material: Color steel plate, Galvanized Board, Aluminum Plate, etc.
2. Suitable thickness: 0.3-0.8mm or other thickness
3. Forming specifications: Depending on specific requirements of customers
4. Forming speed: 15-20m/min
5. Main motor power: 4Kw (depending on specific requirements of users)
6. Cutting mode: Hydraulic cutting
7. Hydraulic station power: 4Kw (depending on specific requirements of users)
8. Control system: PLC systems from Mitsubishi, Schneider and Panasonic products, electrical appliances of famous brands
9. Way of drive: One inch chain
10. Optional accessories: Hydraulic uncoiler.
11. Material of roller: High grade 45# forged steel plated with hard chrome plating

No. main parameter of glazed tile forming machine
1 Suitable to process Color steel plate, Galvanized Board, Aluminum Plate
2 Width of the plate 1250mm
3 Rollers  12 rows
4 size 6.12*1.5*1.5m
5 Main moter power 4kw
6 Hydraulic unit power 4kw
7 Thickness of the plate 0.3-0.7mm
8 Productivity 15-20m/min
9 Diameter of the roller Φ70mm
10 Voltage 380V 50Hz 3phases
11 Main frame 300mmH steel
12 Material of the cutting plate Cr12
15 Control system PLC Frequency ControlSystem with touch screen

Floor Decking Tile Press Roll Forming Machine

Floor Decking Tile Press Roll Forming Machine

1. Hydraulic Un-coiler

Width of raw material: 1250mm
Max Capacity: 10000kgs
Max out diameter of coil: 1800mm
Inner diameter of coil: 500-600mm
Hydraulic feed and brake

2. Shearing Device

Shearing way: Manual
The material of blade: Cr12 with Heat treatment HRC60-62
c60 floor decking panel machines - Floor Decking Tile Press Roll Forming Machine

3. Main Forming System

Feeding width: 1219mm
Product width: 1000mm
Height of waves: 50mm
Thickness of sheet: 0.8-1.2mm
Material: GI sheet coil
Roller stations: 30 rows
Material of Roller: Cr12
Surface of Roller: Hard Chrome plating and High-frequency treatment
Diameter of main shaft: 90mm C45steel, modulation
Thickness of Shell frame: 30mm
Main Bearings: 60311
Power of main motor: 11kw, with speed reducer.
Forming Speed: 3-12m

4. Cutting device

Oil pump station 1set
Motor power of Oil pump station: 5.5kw
Forced air cooling device available
Cutting mould: 1set
Material of blade: CR12 with heat treatment HRC60-62
Pressure of cutting: 20 tons.

5. Run-out Table

Frame: 8# steel groove welded
Length: 3m
Quantity: 4 pcs

6. Electrical System

PLC and HMI touch Screen (Taiwan Delta or Siemens)
Automatic length measurement
Automatic quantity measurement
Length measurement: Rotary Encoder
Over current protection for control system, aviation plugs
Cutting off type: Paused to cut, moving automatically after cutting.
Power: 380V 60Hz

Advantage of our deck floor roll forming machine
High quality
Lower cost
High efficiency
Reliable working
Low failure rate
Low energy consumption
Trouble free after sales service

New Corrugated Metal Steel Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

New Corrugated Metal Steel Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

Advantage of our roll forming machine machine
High quality
Lower cost
High efficiency
Reliable working
Low failure rate
Low energy consumption
Trouble free after sales service

The advantages of the double deck roll forming machine

1. High efficiency
2. Lower cost
3. Long life time: 30years
4. Low energy consumption
5. PLC computer control
6. No noise, no shake

Machine parameters of roll forming machine

Other spec.
1. Size: about 6*1.5*1.6m (L*W*H)
2. Weight: About 3.5 ton
3. Decoiler Max. Capacity: 5000kgs
4. Hydraulic station power: About 4Kw (Depend on final design)
5. Cutting length: Cut-to-length

Roofing Tile Roll Forming Machine - New Corrugated Metal Steel Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine

metal roof roll forming machine for sale

metal roof roll forming machine for sale

1. The main technical parameters of mechanical parts:
1) Forming method: sequence and synchronous deformation mode (first to form the middle of the stiffener to force the release to both sides to ensure the shape of the plate after the effect)
2) Molding number: 16
3) forming roll bar material: forged 45 # steel
4) forming roller mold: CNC finishing process
5) Roller surface hardened single-sided: 0.05 mm
6) forming spindle diameter: Ф75mm solid shaft material 40R quenched and heat treated
7) The main motor power: 50HZ / 380V / 7.5KW
8) hydraulic station motor power: 50HZ / 380V / 3KW
9) hydraulic station motor power: 50HZ / 380V / 3KW
10) Forming scissors blade material: Cr12 die steel after heat treatment hardness HRC60 ° — 62 ° (Wuxi South heat treatment process)
11) moulddiasystem thickness: 0.4–0.5mm
12) Molding speed: 5 m / min
13) Board type waterproof performance Good board flat, no abrasion. The specific size of the board conforms to the international construction industry using the plate GB / T12755-91

IMG 4158 1 - metal roof roll forming machine for sale
2. Equipment, electrical control system part of the process
1) The length of the product length method: (2500 rotary encoder pulse tracking scale) error of 10m ± 1mm
2) Control System Inverter: 7.5KWhuichuan control series of safe, stable and reliable performance
3) The control system procedure uses the industrial computer German Simens PLC programming system
4) Operator Panel: Man-machine interface touch-screen robot dynamic equipment simulation process monitoring process
3. The complete process flow chart of the equipment is as follows:
10T Passive Unwinding Feeding — Feeding — Sequential Roll Forming — PLC Computerized Cutting — Hydraulic Mold Auto Cutting — Finished Material Discharging
4. A full set of equipment process characteristics
4.1 10T passive decoiler
1) 10T passive uncoiler machine using cantilevered umbrella-type material rack, through the screw to adjust the tightening, can be suitable for different size of the color of the coil volume, loading convenience.
2) decoiler power for the passive, linear speed with the host changes.
4.2 The molding process characteristics of the main frame
1) The main frame of the equipment adopts 36 # GB hot-rolled I-beam, the whole welding after the use of shot blasting vibration method to welding stress, the frame structure through the gantry mill finishing. Wall plate and rack connection Screw connection way to reduce the amount of deformation of the rack to ensure the level of the horizontal and vertical horizontal cross-frame and steel, and extend the service life of the equipment.
2) Spindle all use high-quality 40R steel quenched and tempered solid shaft CNC finishing to ensure that it has a good overall performance
3) Roll 45 high-quality forged steel after finishing the surface of the process of slow-plated hard baked treatment, with good dimensional accuracy and wear resistance
4) The host uses the cycloid pin wheel slows down the electrical machinery actuation, each active roller uses the chain type transmission, smooth is reliable
5) The machine uses the molding hydraulic mold technology, hydraulic drive, safe and reliable action, to ensure that the profile before and after the end and the middle part of the effective width of the same.
6) The cutting tool material is Cr12 mold steel, after heat treatment, the hardness reaches HRC60 ° — 62 °
1)Q:Can you make machine according to my design?
A:Yes, we have experienced technical team to work out the suitable design for you and confirm with you until you agree.
2) Q: Will you deliver the right goods as ordered? How can I trust you?
A: Yes, we will. The core of our company culture is honesty and credit.
3)Q:What payment terms you accept?
A:Commonly is TT, 30% deposit and 70% before shipment, and sometimes we can consider more for you as per your request.
4) Q:What is the warranty for our machine?
A:We have one year guarantee, and provide whole life’s technical support.

Double Layers Roll Forming Machine

Description of 2 Layer roll forming machine:
Double layers roll forming machine can be used to produce 2 different profiles of corrugated steel sheet, it can be customized at clients actual need. Double layers can make up by glazed tile and single sheet or two layers can make up by single sheet and single sheet. In addition, customer can choose pressing and cutting style — guide pillar type or welded steel plate style.

There are some pictures for you to reference:

22 - Double Layers Roll Forming Machine2 - Double Layers Roll Forming Machine3 - Double Layers Roll Forming Machine

The Process  flow of the machine:


Here is some brief introduction of each element:

1. Manual decoiler

(1)material coil inner diameter: 450-550mm

(2)max coil width: 1250mm

(3)carrying capacity: 5000kg

2.Forming device

(1) Shaft material: 45# steel, outer diameter 80mm

(2)  Roller material:45# steel

(3) Number of roller step: Up layer: 13 steps     Down layer: 15 steps

(4)  Chains transport

(5)  Forming speed:8–10m/min

(5) Main motor power: 7.5kw

(7)  350#H style steel welded stand

(8) Chromium plated roller surface 0.05mm

(9)  Machine’s weight and out size: 7.5Tons, 8.2*1.6* 1.7M(L*W*H)

(10)  Voltage:380v 50hz 3-phase

3.Cutting device

(1) Hydraulic Station:1set

(2) With hydraulic station, motor 4 KW

(3) Cutting press 20 ton

(4) Hydraulic cutter

(5) Blade, puncher and mold material: G12 steel with quenched treated 60-62℃

(6)Cutting system: advanced hydraulic drive, automatic cutting after

forming, no distorting or wasting, high level safety factor.

(7)Tolerance of cutting length:±1mm

4.Controlling device

(1) Screen: Text Screen

(2) PLC: Panasonic

(3)Automatic length measurement

(4)Automatic quantity measurement

(5)Computer is used to control length and quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved

(6) Length inaccuracy can be amended easily

If you want to know more infomation, please feel free to contact us at any time.