Stone-coated roof tile

Brief introduction of stone-coated roof tile production line

Stone-coated roof tile roll forming machine could be used to make roofing tile which are made by metal sheet but looks like stone tiles. Those tiles are also waterproof; windproof and the connection of roofing sheets are tighter. And For the stone coated roofing tile making machine, we can design the it according to your drawing profile or finished product.

Here are some types of finished products and drawing profile of stone-coated roof tile for your reference

stonecoatedroofingtile thumb - Stone-coated roof tile

Check from the following pictures to know where the stone-coated roofing tile used:

The stone coated roofing tile is easy to install. In addition, it has beautiful appearance and high quality. You can use it as factory roofing or family roofing.

InstallRoofingstonecoatedroofingtile thumb - Stone-coated roof tile

Check some building useing stone coated roofing tile as roofing material:

stonecoatedtilebuilding thumb - Stone-coated roof tile

If you are interested in stone coated machine production line, please contact us at any time. What’s more, we will publish more articles here about the stone coated roofing tile machines.