1220 mm Roof Industrial Machinery

About 1220 mm roof industrial machinery, i will show you detailed information to help you know the machine better. About working flow and each part of the  whole line,  this article will introduce them to you. And if you have any other requirements about roof industrial machinery, please contact with us.

The Chart of process flow

process flow of ibr roof industrial machinery - 1220 mm Roof Industrial Machinery

The following is a detailed description of each part and the picture.

Hydraulic Uncoiler(not include coil car)

Feeding width:1250 mm

Capabillity: 10T

Inner diameter:460-520 mm

Maximal our diameter: 1500 mm

Coil placement in the coil holder. Hydraulic hoist

Working speed: 0-20 m/min adjustable

Main motor power: 7.5 kw AC motor

Hydraulic power: 5.5 kw

Speed control by frequency converter

Color: blue


Hydraulic Uncoilernot include coil car - 1220 mm Roof Industrial Machinery

2.Main roll forming machine

Roller material :ASTM1045 chrome plated surface with chrome

Shaft diameter: 76 mm. Material: SAE1045 with quenching and tempering

All drive parts have product cover

Main forming machine size about 9000*1500*1200 mm

main roll forming machine - 1220 mm Roof Industrial Machinery

3.main structure

Main frame by 350H beam welding

Machine structure: guide pillar

Protect film device in include for product alu material only.

main structure - 1220 mm Roof Industrial Machinery

4.Hydraulic cutting system

cutting after forming: cut the sheet after roll forming to required length

Uses two hydraulic cylinders for operation

Material of blade: Cr12,58-62 HRC hardness

Cutting power by hydraulic:5.5 kw

Working pressure: 12 Mpa adjustable

Length measuring: Automatic encoder length measuring

Tolerance of length: +/- 1.5mm for each piece end product

Hydraulic cutting system - 1220 mm Roof Industrial Machinery

There are some data about hydraulic system,

computer control cabinet , out table and spare parts, If you want to know these information, please feel free to send your inquiry to us.

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